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Professisonal Memberships

Scientific Committees

Lifetime Fellow of the Economic Research Forum (ERF) of the MENA Region American Statistical Association Member of the Scientific Committee for the following International Conferences on Panel Data:  Paris, France (1990, 1994, 1997), Budapest, Hungary (1992), Amsterdam, Holland (1996), Goteborg, Sweden (1998), Geneva, Switzerland (2000), Berlin, Germany (2002), College Station, Texas, USA (2004), Copenhagen, Denmark (2005), Cambridge, UK (2006), Xiamen University, China (2007), Bonn, Germany (2009), Amsterdam, Netherlands (2010), Montreal (2011).

Member of the Scientific Committee for the following International Conference on Spatial Econometrics and Statistics: Rome, Italy (2006), Cambridge, UK (2007), New York (2008), Barcelona, Spain (2009), Chicago (2010), Toulouse (2011).

Founding fellow and member of the Board of Directors of the Spatial Econometric Society, 2006-present. 
Fellow of the African Econometric Society, 2009. Chair-Elect, Business & Economics Section, 2005
Journal of Applied Econometrics,  Distinguished Authors Award, 2008.   Secretary/Treasurer, Business & Economics Section, 2000
Equipe de Recherche sur les Marchés (ERMES), Université Panthéon-Assas (Paris II), Research Fellow, 2003. Econometric Society
Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research,  Research Fellow, 2003. International Statistical Institute
Distinguished Achievement Award for Research, The Association of Former Students of TX A&M University, 2002.  
Plura Scripsit Award, Econometric Theory, 2004.  
Multa Scripsit Award, Econometric Theory, 1998.  
Fellow of the Journal of Econometrics, 1995.  
    1st Meeting - Spatial Econometrics

Editorial Associations

Journal of Applied Econometrics

JAE Replication Section Editor, 2003- present

A special feature of JAE is its emphasis on the replicability of results by other researchers. The Journal also features occasional sections of short papers re-evaluating previously published papers.

Please send your replications of previously published articles to:

Badi H. Baltagi, Replication Editor
Empirical Economics

EE Editoral Board, 1994- present
Co-Editor, 1999- present

Empirical Economics publishes papers of high quality dealing with the confrontation of relevant economic theory with observed data through the use of adequate econometric methods. Papers cover topics like estimation of established relationships between economic variables, testing of hypotheses derived from economic theory, policy evaluation, simulation, forecasting, methodology, econometric methods and measurement.

Empirical Economics emphasizes the replicability of empirical results. Replication studies of important results in the literature - both with positive or negative results - may be published as short papers in Empirical Economics. Authors are expected to make available their data set in case readers, editors or referees should want to replicate results reported in submitted contributions.  
Journal of Econometrics
Associate Editor, 1999- present
Fellow, 1995

The Journal of Econometrics is designed to serve as an outlet for important new research in both theoretical and applied econometrics. The scope of the Journal includes papers dealing with estimation and other methodological aspects of the application of statistical inference to economic data, as well as papers dealing with the application of econometric techniques to substantive areas of economics. Econometric research in the traditional divisions of the discipline or in the newly developing areas of social experimentation are decidedly within the range of the Journal's interests.

Ecometric Reviews
Editoral Board, 1994- present

Econometric Reviews probes the limits of econometric knowledge, featuring regular, state-of-the-art refereed articles and book reviews, as well as retrospective, critical, and readable surveys of current or developing topics. Special issues of the journal are developed by a world-renowned editorial board which brings together leading experts on a variety of specific themes in econometrics. Reviews of books, software, and benchmarking of existing software are also within the scope of the journal.
Economic Letters
Economic Letters
Editor, 2011-present

The only letter journal in its field, Economics Letters is a valuable addition to the specialist literature.  As a Letters Journal, it consists of concise communications (contributions are usually limited to 2,000 words) that provide a means of rapid and efficient dissemination of new results, models and methods in all fields of economic research.

Series Editor/h3>

Contributions to Economic Analysis

Emerald Publishing
ISSN: 0573-8555

Series Editor, 2003-present.

Advanced Studies in Theoretical and Applied Econometrics Advanced Studies

Series Editor, 2012-present