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  2003 "Homogeneous, Heterogeneous or Shrinkage Estimators?  Some Empirical Evidence from French Regional Gasoline Consumption," with James M. Griffin, Georges Bresson and Alain Pirotte, Empirical Economics, Vol. 28, (November , 2003), pp. 795-811.  
  1997 "Pooled Estimators v.s. Their Heterogeneous Counterparts in the Context of Dynamic Demand for Gasoline," with James M. Griffin, Journal of Econometrics, Vol. 77 (April, 1997), pp. 303-327.  
  1989 "Alternative Models of Managerial Behavior:  Empirical Tests for the Petroleum Industry," with James M. Griffin, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 71 (November, 1989), pp. 579-585.  
  1987 "To Pool or Not to Pool:  The Quality Bank Case,"The American Statistician, Vol. 41 (May, 1987), pp. 150-152.  
  1984 “Short and Long Run Effects in Pooled Models,” with James M. Griffin, International Economic Review, Vol. 25 (October, 1984), pp. 631-645.  
  1984 "U.S. Gasoline Demand:  What Next?" with James M. Griffin, The Energy Journal, Vol. 5 (January,1984), pp. 129-140.  
  1983 "Gasoline Demand in the OECD:  An Application of Pooling and Testing Procedures," with James Griffin, European Economic Review, Vol. 22 (July, 1983), pp. 117-137.  

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