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Articles 1986-1990

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"The Error Components Regression Model: Conditional Relative Efficiency Comparisons," Statistical Papers, Vol. 31 (February, 1990), pp. 1-13.
  "Quasi-Experimental Price Elasticity of Liquor Demand in the United States: 1960-1983," with Rajeev Goel, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 72 (May, 1990), pp.451-454.  
  A Lagrange Multiplier Test for the Error Components Model with Incomplete Panels," with Qi Li, Econometric Reviews, Vol. 9 (1990), pp. 103-107.  
  "Recovering Precision from Seemingly Redundant Rounded Data," with Irwin L. Collier, Jr., Journal of Forecasting, Vol. 9 (October/December, 1990), 457-465.  
  "On Efficient Estimation With Panel Data: An Empirical Comparison of Instrumental Variables Estimators," with Sophon Khanti-Akom, Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 5 (October/December, 1990), 401-406.  
  "Intercountry Evidence on the Performance of the Simple Error Correction Mechanism Model of Consumption," with Manouchehr Mokhtari, Empirical Economics, Vol. 15 (1990), 303-314.  

1989-1990 "A General Index of Technical Change," with James M. Griffin, Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 96 (February, 1988), pp. 20-41. Also, translated into Hungarian and appeared as "A technikai haladás általános indexe," Szigma, Vol. 21 (1989-1990), pp. 80-100.  
1989 "Alternative Models of Managerial Behavior:  Empirical Tests for the Petroleum Industry," with James M. Griffin, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 71 (November, 1989), pp. 579-585.  
  "Further Monte Carlo Evidence on Seemingly Unrelated Regressions with Unequal Number of Observations," with Susan Garvin and Steven Kerman, Annales  D'Économie et de Statistique, Vol. 14 (April/June, 1989), pp. 103-115.  
  "Applications of a Necessary and Sufficient Condition for OLS to be BLUE," Statistics and Probability Letters, Vol. 8 (October, 1989), pp. 457-461.  

1988-1989 "On the Efficiency of Two-Stage and Three-Stage Least Squares Estimators," Econometric Reviews, Vol. 7 (1988-1989), pp. 165-169.  
1988 "A Generalized Error Component Model with Heteroscedastic Disturbances," with James M. Griffin, International Economic Review, Vol. 29 (November, 1988), pp. 745-753.  


"To Pool or Not to Pool:  The Quality Bank Case," The American Statistician, Vol. 41 (May, 1987), pp. 150-152.

  "On Estimating From a More General Time-Series Cum Cross-Section Data Structure," The American Economist, Vol. 31 (Fall, 1987), pp. 69-71.  
  "Quasi-Experimental Price Elasticities of Cigarette Demand and the Bootlegging Effect, with Rajeev K. Goel, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 69 (November, 1987), pp. 750-754.  


"Estimating Dynamic Demand for Cigarettes Using Panel Data:  The Effects of Bootlegging, Taxation and Advertising, Reconsidered," with Dan Levin, The Review of Economics and Statistics, Vol. 68 (February, 1986), pp. 148-155.  
  "Pooling Under Misspecification:  Some Monte Carlo Evidence on the Kmenta and the Error Components Techniques," Econometric Theory, Vol. 2 (December, 1986), pp. 429-440.  

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