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Forthcoming Articles

Wiley Online 'Prediction in the Random Effects Model with MA(q) Remainder Disturbances' with Long Liu, forthcoming in Journal of Forecasting.
CESifo Working Paper # 3930 'A Generalized Spatial Panel Data Model with Random Effects' with Peter Egger and Michael Pfaffermayr, forthcoming in Econometric Reviews
Working Paper
# 142
'Standardized LM Tests for Spatial Error Dependence in Linear or Panel Regressions' with Zhenlin Yang, forthcoming in Econometrics Journal.
  'An Overview of Dependence in Cross-section, Time-series and Panel Data' with Esfandiar Maasoumi, forthcoming in Econometric Reviews.
Working Paper
# 146
'EC3SLS Estimator for a Simultaneous System of Spatial Autoregressive Equations' with  Random Effects, with Ying Deng, forthcoming in Econometric Reviews.
Working Paper
# 145
'How Different are the Wage Curves for Formal and Informal Workers? Evidence from Turkey' with Yusuf Soner Baskaya and Timur Hulagu, forthcoming in Papers in Regional Science.
Working Paper
# 147
'Testing For Spatial Lag and Spatial Error Dependence Using Double Length Artificial Regressions' with Long Liu, forthcoming in Statistical Papers.
Working Paper
# 149
'Estimating and Forecasting with a Dynamic Spatial Panel Data Model' with Bernard Fingleton and Alain Pirotte, forthcoming in Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics
  'The Estimation and Testing of a Linear Regression with Near Unit Root in the Spatial Autoregressive Error Term' with Chihwa Kao and Long Liu, forthcoming in Spatial Economic Analysis.

Book Chapters

Book Chapter "Panel Data and Difference-in Differences Estimation," Chapter 20 in  the Encyclopedia of Health Economics,  Anthony J. Culyer, Editor-in Chief, Health Econometrics (Anirban Basu and John Mullahy, editors), Elsevier Science, Amsterdam, forthcoming.
Book Chapter “Dynamic Panel Data Models,” Chapter 10 in The Handbook of Empirical Methods in Macroeconomics, Nigar Hashimzade and Michael Thornton, editors, Edward Elgar Publishing., forthcoming.
Book Chapter “Panel Data Forecasting,”  in the Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Volume 2, edited by Graham Elliott and Allan Timmermann, in the Handbooks in Economics Series edited by Kenneth J. Arrow and Michael D. Intriligator, forthcoming.

December 2012