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Spatial Econometrics, Specification Testing 2004 “Testing for Linear and Log-Linear Models Against Box-Cox Alternatives with Spatial Lag Dependence,” with Dong Li, Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 18 (2004), pp. 35-74.  
Spatial Econometrics 2001 “LM Tests for Functional Form and Spatial Error Correlation,” with Dong Li, International Regional Science Review, Vol. 24, (April, 2001), pp. 194-225.  
Serial Correlation, Heteroskedasticity 2000 “Double-Length Regressions for the Box-Cox Difference Model with Heteroskedasticity or Autocorrelation,” with Dong Li, Economics Letters, Vol. 69 (October, 2000), pp. 9-14.  
Serial Correlation, Functional Form 1999 “Double Length Regressions for Linear and Log-Linear Regressions With AR(1) Disturbances,” Statistical Papers, Vol. 40 (April, 1999), pp. 199-209.  
Functional Form, Specification Testing 1997 “Testing for Linear and Loglinear Error Component Regression Against Box-Cox Alternatives,” Statistics and Probability Letters, Vol. 33 (April, 1997), pp. 63-68.  

Updated: February 2011