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2007 “Worldwide Econometrics Rankings: 1989-2005,” Econometric Theory, Vol. 23 (October, 2007), pp. 952-1012. CPR Working Paper 94
2002 “Worldwide Institutional and Individual Rankings in Econometrics Over the Period 1989-1999: An Update,” Econometric Theory, Vol. 19 (February, 2003), pp. 165-224. for Tables go to- and click on Econometric Rankings
1998 “Applied Econometrics Rankings: 1989-1995,” Journal of Applied Econometrics, Vol. 14 (July-August, 1999), pp. 423-441. Abstract and download
1998 “Worldwide Institutional Rankings in Econometrics: 1989-1995,” Econometric Theory, Vol. 14 (February, 1998), pp. 1-44. Tables

Updated: February 2011