Structure of Course

Lectures (Powerpoint format). 

Many of the readings are in electronic format and are linked to the syllabus.

There are absolutely no extra-credit opportunities in this course.

Map Quiz and Examination Dates and Paper Deadline are firm.

Outcome Assessment:
Students taking this course are expected to gain historical understanding of the major developments of ancient Greek history and an appreciation of the manifold ways in which ancient Greece has profoundly influenced our contemporary world.  The assessment for these learning goals is based on the quality of assigned work (map quizzes, written work, examinations).

Academic Integrity:
The Syracuse University Academic Integrity Policy holds students accountable for the integrity of the work they submit. Students should be familiar with the Policy and know that it is their responsibility to learn about the instructor's (and general) academic expectations with regard to proper citation of sources in written work. The policy also governs the integrity of work submitted in exams and assignments as well as the veracity of signatures on attendance sheets and other verifications of participation in class activities. Serious sanctions can result from academic dishonesty of any sort.

For more information and the complete policy, see

Disability Statement:
Students who may need academic accommodations due to a disability are encouraged to discuss their needs with the instructor at the beginning of the semester. In order to obtain authorized accommodations, students should be registered with the Office of Disability Services (ODS), 804 University Avenue, Room 309, 315-443-4498 and have an updated accommodation letter for the instructor. Accommodations and related support services such as exam administration are not provided retroactively and must be requested in advance."

For more information about services and policy, see Office of Disability Services

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