Abbreviations for Reading Assignments:

AR = David Potter, Ancient Rome: A New History (New York: Thames and Hudson Inc., 2009) ISBN: 978-0-500-28786-6.  You should read Potter up to page 156 (stopping before the section titled, "Octavianus and Antony (44-31 BC)," before the Mid-Term Examination; read the rest of Potter before the Final Examination.

RI = Craige B. Champion (ed.), Roman Imperialism: Readings and Sources (Wiley-Blackwell Publishers, 2004; fifth printing 2007) ISBN: 0-631-23119-6

Often maps will facilitate understanding of the readings.  In addition to the maps in your text, you may consult this electronic map of the Roman Empire.

Reading Assignments
Weeks One and Two: Livy, History of Rome, Books 1-5

Week Three: Livy, History of Rome, Books 6-10; Roman Political Structures

Week Four: Polybius, Histories, Books 1 and 3; RI, 1-10

Week Five: RI, 16-94 (Chapter One)

Week Six: Sallust, Jugurthine War

Week Seven: Suetonius, Julius; RI, 95-161 (Chapter Two)

Week Eight: Caesar Augustus, Res Gestae; Suetonius, Augustus

Week Nine: Sulpicia, Six Poems; Suetonius, Nero, chapters 11-12; RI, 214-277 (Chapter Four)

Week Ten: Tacitus, Annals, Books 1-2; RI, 162-213 (Chapter Three)

Week Eleven: Tacitus, Germania and Dialogus

Week Twelve: Vergil, Aeneid, Book 6

Week Thirteen: Josephus, The Jewish War, Book 7, 252-253, 275-406; The Passions of Saint Perpetua and Felicitas

Week Fourteen: RI, 278-307 (Chapter Five)