HIN101 Family and Relations in Hindi
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Parts of speech
Basic Vocabulary
Family or Relation: Hindi Pronunciation: Usage: Hindi: Pronunciation:
Aunt (Father's Sister) baAa buaa  
Aunt (Mother's Sister) ma>sai mausii  
Aunt (Urdu) Qaalaa xaalaa (Muslim)  
Brother BaaI bhaaii  
Brother-in-law (Husband's Older Brother) jaY jeTh  
Brother-in-law (Husband's Sister's Husband) nand<I nandoii  
Brother-in-law (Husband's Younger Brother) dvar devar  
Brother-in-law (Wife's Brother) saalaa saalaa  
Brother-in-law (Wife's Sister's Husband) saa` sDhuu  
Child baccaa. baccai baccaa (m), baccii (f)  
Daughter baXi beTii  
Daugter-in-law bah bahuu  
Father (Hindu-Sikh) epataa pitaa (Hindu-Sikh)  
Father (Muslim) Abbaa abbaa (Muslim)  
Father-in-law sasar sasur  
Father's Older Brother's Wife taaI taaii  
Father's Younger Brother's Wife caacai caacii  
Granddaughter (Daughter's daughter) d<htai dohtii  
Granddaughter (Son's Daughter pa<tai potii  
Grandfather (Father's Father) dada daadaa  
Grandfather (Mother's Father) naanaa naanaa  
Grandmother (Father's Mother) dadi daadii  
Grandmother (Mother's Mother) naanai naanii  
Grandson (Daughter's Son) d<htaa dohtaa  
Grandson (Son's Son) pa<taa potaa  
Husband (Hindu-Sikh) paeta pati (Hindu, Sikh)  
Husband (Muslim) Qaaevand xaavind (Muslim)  
Mother (Hindu-Sikh) maataa. maa maataa, m (Hindu, Sikh)  
Mother (Muslim) Ammai ammii (Muslim)  
Mother-in-law saasa saas  
Mother's Brother's Wife maamai maamii  
Nephew (Brother's Son) Bataijaa bhatiijaa  
Nephew (Sister's Son) Baajaa bhjaa  
Niece (Brother's Daughter) Bataijai bhatiijii  
Niece (Sister's Daughter) Baajai bhjii  
Relative erStadar rishtedaar  
Sister bahna behen  
Sister-in-law (Brother's Wife) BaaBai bhaabhii  
Sister-in-law (Husband's Sister) nanad nanad  
Sister-in-law (Wife's Sister) saalai saalii  
Son baXa beTaa  
Son-in-law javaaI javaaii  
Uncle (Father's Older Brother) taaU taauu  
Uncle (Father's Sister's Husband) PPa phuuphaa  
Uncle (Father's Younger Brother) caacaa caacaa  
Uncle (Mother's Brother) maamaa maamaa  
Uncle (Mother's Sister's Husband) ma>saa mausaa (Hindu, Sikh)  
Uncle (Muslim) Kaala xaaluu (Muslim)  
Wife Garvaalai gharvaalii  
Wife (Hindu-Sikh) patnai patnii (Hindu, Sikh)  
Wife (Muslim) baibai biibii (Muslim)  

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