HIN101 Hindi Alphabet
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Parts of speech
Basic Vocabulary
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Hindi Conjuncts Phonetic
Strokes Popular Media Pronunciation
A rr a View Strokes a/u as in cut, but, about
Aa ss aa View Strokes a as in start, father, last
E tt i View Strokes i as in list, mist, twist
I uu ii View Strokes ee/ea as in feed, clean, sea
u vv u View Strokes u/oo
as in pull, book, full
U ww uu View Strokes oo as in fool, pool, boot
O xx e View Strokes a as in lame, blame, plate
O yy ai View Strokes a/ai as in cat, rat, clam
A< zz o View Strokes o/oa as in float, boat, tote
A> aaa au View Strokes au/ou/o as in bought, caught, dot
A an View Strokes un as in clunk, hung, drunk
AH H ah View Strokes uh as in duh, huh
? ri View Strokes ri as in Krishna, embryo
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