HIN101 XDVNG Fonts
Download Xdvng
Install Xdvng
Parts of speech
Basic Vocabulary

XDVNG fonts are presented to you by permission from Arun Gupta.

Once you have installed the fonts after downloading, you will be able to read the text in Devanagari.

For more information or help with the XDVNG fonts, click here.

Windows Zip file Unzipped file Download the PC font. Save it anywhere on the C: drive. Go into control panels. Click on Fonts. Say install new font. Go to where you have saved the font. Click on it and say install. Then, after installation is over, go to your browser. Go to view. Go to Character set (Netscape) or Encoding (Internet Explorer). Click on User defined. If you do not see that option, click on Auto-select.
Macintosh sea.hqx file Unzipped file Download the zipped file. Unzip it. Put the font in the font folder inside the system folder. Go to browser. Go to View. Go to character encoding. Click on 'Western MacRoman'.
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