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The Extended Vocabulary pages were created with the help of a minigrant from the South Asia Language Resource Center. Dr. Herman Van Olphen at Universtity of Texas at Austin and Jishnu Shankar at Syracuse University collaborated on the project to make it interactive as well as instructive for Hindi students and teachers alike. Avinash Rajendra Prasad and Chetan Chauhan, both Computer Engineering students at Syracuse University provided invaluable contribution with data population and technical expertise.

Quick tips:

Various methods have been provided to assist you in sorting the data according to your needs or finding the word you were looking for. This section will give you a basic introduction on how you could make full use in expanding your vocabulary with this database.

Four links are available on the top of the page and they are each explained below:

  1. Browse by Alphabet:
         Clicking on this link will tell you the starting alphabet of the meanings the list is currently displaying.
    Click on each alphabet to view the words by that alphabet.

  2. Filter your view:
         This link will give you options from which you can drill down to the exact grammatical characteristic
     of the word you would be looking for. Selecting one of them would display the list matching your filtering
    criteria for the current alphabet being displayed. For example, you could display just the
    masculine words in the list or just the list of Adverbs.

  3. Select columns to view:
         As the name suggests, you could view only the columns you would want to see. Hit the
    control button and drag the mouse to select multiple columns. Press "Go" to view.

  4. Search a meaning:
         You could search for a specific word by clicking on this link and entering the word you would like
    to search for in the textbox that appears.

         Additionally, headers of each column are links that sort the list by that column in
    ascending and descending orders. You could also use the "Show All" link to display all
    the words from all the columns.

    Click here to go to the Extended Vocabulary Pages

© 2005 Jishnu Shankar, South Asia Center, Syracuse University.