mahavar Hindi Idioms
saKyaa mahavar English Equivalent Meaning in English
1 Aga-Aga XXnaa   To have pain in the whole body
2 Aga-Aga Zilaa h<naa To be dog tired To be very tired, worn out
3 Aga-Aga maskanaa Smiling from ear to ear. To be exceedingly happy
4 Aga Cnaa   To promise solemnly, to swear in oath
5 Aga lagaanaa   To hug
6 Agaar ugalanaa To breathe fire To say harsh words
7 Agaar< par par rKanaa To walk on fire To undertake a dangerous task, to take risk
8 AgaYa edKaanaa   To say no at a crucial juncture; to not listen to someone
9 Ajar pajar Zila h<naa To be dog tired; to be old To be very tired, worn out; to become unable physically due to old age.
10 ADa ki lak_i   The only hope of old age, the only support in a difficult time
11 ADar Gar ka ujaalaa   The only child; the only good son
12 A]la ka dSmana   An absolute idiot
13 AVla k Ga<_ d>_anaa   To think many kinds of thoughts and opinions (in solution of a problem)
14 A]la k paiC laaYi elaya ePrnaa Dumb as a brick! To perform a task wrong even after being explained, to keep on doing stupid acts.
15 AVla cakranaa   To not understand what to do next
16 A]la carna calai jaanaa   To commit a stupid act; to not think before acting
17 A]la par patTar pa_naa Few bricks short of a load? To not act wisely, to not understand anything
18 Agar magar krnaa   To stall
19 Apanaa ulla saiDaa krnaa   To manipulate toget ones work done
20 Apanaa saa mah lakr rh jaanaa   To feel shame after being defeated in a contest or fight
21 Apanai Apanai Zpalai Apanaa Apanaa raga   Every individual has his own life and activities to pursue.
22 Apana paava par klha_i maarnaa To shoot oneself in the foot To harm ones own self
23 Apana mah emayaa emaXY bananaa To sing one's own praise To praise ones own self
24 Ar baapa r ! Holy cow! To exclaim in surprise, shock or fear.
25 AaKa ka taara h<naa To be the apple of someones eye. Used when some, especially a child, is very dear to someone.
26 AaKa ki patalai h<naa To be the star of someones eye Used when a person is very dear to someone.
27 AaKa ki ekrekri h<naa To rankle in the eye. Used when a person just cant stand someone else.
28 AaKa emaca>nai ka Kala   To hide and seek, to be not available easily
29 AaKa ma KaXknaa   To dislike someone or something.
30 AaKa Kala jaanaa. AaKa Ka<la dnaa   To become alert after finding out the truth./To open someones eyes to the reality of things.
31 AaKa caar h<naa   To look at someone in the eye.
32 AaKa edKaanaa   To be furious with someone
33 AaKa naicai h<naa   To feel ashamed
34 AaKa PXnaa   To be amazed or astonished
35 AaKa< ka taara   Loved one
36 AaKa< k saamana ADara Canaa   To feel great sadness.
37 AaKa< ma Dala Ja<knaa To pull a fast one To betray someone; to cheat someone
38 AaKa< ma samaanaa   To like something or some very much.
39 AaKa< sa A<Jala h<naa   To disappear, to run away
40 Aaca na Aana dnaa   To not allow any harm to happen, to protect completely
41 AaDai k Aama Windfall gains Something that one gets without trying for it
42 AakaSa-paataala Ok kr dnaa To leave no stone unturned, to move heaven and earth To spare no effort
43 AakaSa-paataala ka Antar h<naa To be as different as night and day To have a great difference; diametrically different
44 Aaga ma Gai Ralanaa To add fuel to fire To incite more flames, to incite more anger
45 Aaga-babalaa h<naa   To become very angry
46 Aaga kAa, paiC KaaI h<naa To be in between a rock and a hard place To be surrounded by difficulties on all sides
47 AaX-dala ka Baava maalama h<naa   To come to ones senses
48 AaDaa taitar, AaDaa baXr h<naa   To be without uniformity and harmony
49 Aapa sa baahr h<naa   To loose ones temper completely; to completely loose ones control in temper
50 Aasamaana esar par uYanaa   To create great commotion
51 Aasamaana sa egarnaa Kajar ma AXknaa To jump from the frying pan into the fire To unwittingly get deeper into trouble while trying to escape it.
52 Aasamaana sa zamaina par egarnaa   To come face to face with reality after living in an imagined world.
53 Aastaina ka saapa h<naa Snake in one's bosom A person who is friendly outside but is an enemy in his own heart; Someone who harms by becoming one of the group
54 EX sa EX bajaanaa   To destroy completely
55 Id ka caad h<naa Once in a blue moon? To be rare in appearance
56 ugalai pak_kr pahcaa pak_naa   To ask for a foot when given an inch; to gradually take over
57 unnaisa-baisa ka fk h<naa Six of one half a dozen of another To have minor difference
58 ulXi gagaa bahanaa To swim against the current To go against tradition; to do something way out of the left field
59 ulXi-saiDai sanaanaa to wrap someones knuckles To chastise someone
60 Upar ki saasa Upar A>r naica ki saasa naica rh jaanaa To turn to stone by fear To become paralyzed by shock or fear.
61 Ok hi Taalai k ca-ba h<naa Like two peas in a pod To be very similar in nature; used especially to denote collusion or similarity between two erring parties.
62 O_i-ca<Xi ka ja<r lagaanaa    
63 O_i-ca<Xi ka pasainaa Ok krnaa To leave no stone unturned To make herculean efforts
64 kccaa-ecaa Ka<lanaa To spill the beans To reveal a secret
65 kcca eKalaa_i na h<naa   To be a seasoned player in the game, to be an experience person
66 kmar ksanaa   To get ready for a difficult task; to make a commitment
67 kmar XX jaanaa   To become disheartened, to become incapacitated in meeting a challenge, to be convincingly defeated.
68 krma ma bada h<naa   To be written in fate; destined to happen.
69 klajaa YRa h<naa   To finally receive peace (after a revenge), to attain contentment
70 klaja ma tair laganaa   To be hurt emotionally
71 klajaa mah k< Aanaa I had my heart in my mouth To feel very anxious
72 kaX ebaCanaa To put in harms way To create difficulties and obstacles; to wish ill of someone
73 kagaza kala krnaa   To write useless things
74 kaX< ta< Kana nahi   To become paralyzed by fear
75 kana ktarnaa / kana kaXnaa   To be excessively clever, to leave someone way behind in cleverness
76 kana ka kccaa h<naa   One who believe anything; one who takes criticism of others to be true
77 kana pak_naa   To make a vow not to do something again
78 kana par ja na rganaa   To not listen despite being asked repeatedly
79 kayaa palaX h<naa   To change diametrically; To take a totally new form, to transform
80 kala k gaala ma cala jaanaa To bite the dust To die
81 kAa Ka<dnaa   To plot someones destruction or plan to make them fail
82 k<I caara na h<naa   To have no options or solutions left, to have no way out.
83 k<lh ka bala h<naa To lead a dogs life To work hard daily for a pittance.
84 KaXaI ma pa_naa   A work that stops because of obstacles; a project that remains incomplete
85 Kari ba<lanaa   To speak the truth even when harsh.
86 Kari-Ka<Xi sanaanaa   To abuse someone verbally, to use harsh language.
87 Kada na Kaastaa Keep fingers crossed Used to signify a situation of uncertainty where something undesirable can happen.
88 QaSai ka eYkanaa na rhnaa   To be exceedingly happy.
89 Kana ka pyaasaa h<naa To thirst for someones blood To be an enemy that wants to kill
90 Kana-pasainaa Ok krnaa   To work very hard; to leave no stone unturned
91 gagaa ekDar k< bah rhi h ?   To gauge the course of events.
92 ga_ mad uKaa_naa To reveal skeletons in the cupboard To bring up old and forgotten events.
93 gadna par savaar h<naa   To keep after someone, to relentlessly pursue someone for what one wants
94 galaa Pa_ kr ecallaanaa To yell at the top of one's lungs Used when someone screams at the top of their voice.
95 gaagar ma saagar Barnaa To state in a nutshell To say a lot in very few words
96 gaala bajaanaa   To boast, to inflate gossip
97 egaregaX ki tarh rga badlanaa   To change ones opinion frequently; to change sides frequently
98 ga_ ga<bar kr dnaa   To spoil something that is almost done
99 ga, ga_ calaa SaVkr   Used when the student surpasses the accomplishments of his teacher.
100 Ga_< paanai pa_naa   To be totally ashamed
101 GaaX-GaaX ka paanai epaya h<naa   To be widely experienced
102 Gai k edya jalaanaa   To celebrate
103 GaXna Xk dnaa   To surrender, to admit defeat
104 Ga<_ bacakr sa<naa To sleep like a log To sleep soundly without any worries
105 caalaak kvvaa h<naa   To be exceedingly clever
106 ecaknaa Ga_a h<naa To be thick skinned To be a person who never feels shame (despite misdeeds)
107 caXki ma namak pak_naa   To dream too big for one's capacity or ability.
108 calla Bar paanai ma Rba marnaa   To be very ashamed
109 ca<r-ca<r ma>sar BaaI   Used to convey a negative connotation of similarity of characteristics, and possible collusion, between wrong doers.
110 ca<lai damana ka saa saaTa h<naa   To be inseparable; to be bosom buddies; to be very harmonious and compatible.
111 CVk CXnaa   To be defeated
112 CYi ka dDa yaad Aanaa   To be in such a bad state as has never happened in life before; to be in a very sorry state
113 Catai par maga dlanaa   To be close to or near someone, and yet be a source of pain, rancour or tension
114 CiCaladr krnaa   To put someone in a very bad situation; to take everything away from someone
115 Cpaa ,stama enaklanaa Dark Horse A talented person who is not recognized, but proves himself well in a trying situation.
116 ja_ h< jaanaa Knock off ones feet To become paralyzed by fear or shock
117 jalai-kXi sanaanaa   To abuse someone verbally
118 jala par namak eC_knaa To rub salt in wounds To harass someone already in pain, to hurt someone already hurting
119 jaana k laala pa_naa   To be in great trouble; to be on the brink of life
120 jaana Kapaanaa   To do a lot for someone; to give everything in doing a job.
121 jaana baQSanaa To get off one's back To let someone off the hook, or to let someone escape with life.
122 jaana ma jaana Aanaa   To feel relief, to gain some peace of mind
123 jaana hTalai par rKanaa   To not worry about death
124 jai Kaa h<naa   To get a destaste for something or someone; to get disenchanted
125 jai-jaana sa jaXnaa   To work with all determination and courage
126 jaiBa ma hRRi na h<naa   To have no control over what one says.
127 jasaa baapa vasaa baXa Like father, like son Used the son has a strong resemblance to his father's actions, or, when a protg emulates his teacher very well.
128 jasa k< tasaa Paying back in the same coin. To repay someone by the same kind of deed as they did themselves; to suffer the consequences of one's actions.
129 jatai caaXnaa To suck up to someone To not worry about ones own prestige or status and try to be obsequious to someone
130 ja< ,ca sa< paca   What one likes is easily digestible, one is good at what one likes.
131 JaRa gaa_naa   To establish oneself firmly
132 Jaga_/Psaad ki ja_   The cause of rancor or acrimony
133 Japaki maarnaa Cat nap. To take a quick nap.
134 Jaasaa dnaa   To cheat someone
135 Xka saa javaaba dnaa   To refuse straight away
136 XVkr ka h<naa   To be a fitting opponent; a worthy contestant
137 Xsa sa masa na h<naa To not give ground To not budge from ones position; to not listen to anyone
138 Xaga A_anaa   To interfere uselessly; to create obstacles
139 Xaya-Xaya ePssa    
140 XX pa_naa   To attack with vehemence
141 XX pa_naa   To flock to someone or some place.
142 Rk ki ca<X par khnaa   To announce boldly; to say something in such a manner that everyone can hear
143 talavaar ki Daar par calanaa   To perform a very difficult and dangerous task
144 talavaar ki Daar sa gannaa kaXkr Kata klaekta krnaa   To use inappropriate means for the problem at hand
145 taala Y<knaa   To challenge someone to a fight
146 etala ka taa_ banaanaa To make a mountain out of a molehill To make something very big out of something insignificant
147 etalaajaela dnaa   To relinquish forever; to give up completely
148 taina-tarh krnaa   To scatter and disperse, to not let remain united
149 taina-paaca krnaa   To stall, to argue.
150 tair enaSaana par laganaa Hit the bulls eye To succeed in ones endeavor; to succeed in getting the main point across.
151 e*aSak ki sai gaeta h<naa   To belong to no place; to hover in a liminal place
152 Tak kr car h< jaanaa To be dog-tired To be worn out, absolutely tired.
153 Taalai ka bagana h<naa   To be a person without a principle, one who rolls this way and that with perceived opportunity
154 dma ta<_naa To breathe last To die
155 dma saaDa Ka_ rhnaa To hold one's breath, to not move a muscle To not make any movement or speech, to remain absolutely still (in anticipation); to wait with great anticipation.
156 data Ka krnaa   To defeat completely
157 data< tala Agalai dbaanaa   To be astonished, to be wonderstruck
158 dala galanaa   To have some power or say; to manipulate for ones own benefit
159 dala na galanaa   To not have success in a difficult situation.
160 dala-Baata ma masalacand h<naa Party pooper One who disconvabulates a task almost done; one who spoils a party
161 dala ma kC kalaa h<naa Smell a rat, seem a little fishy A matter of suspicion; to suspect a mystery or secret
162 edmaaga ma ebajalai k>Danaa   To get an idea in a flash
163 edmaaga saatava Aasamaana par h<naa   To be very proud, egotistic
164 edla ka Baar hlka krnaa To get something off one's chest To state what one has on one's mind, something that has been bothering that person
165 denayaa na dKa h<naa   To be inexperienced
166 dma dbaakr Baaganaa To run with tail tucked between ones legs To run scared, to leave ground
167 dDa ka dDa A>r paanai ka paanai kr dnaa   To judge very fairly; to discern a complex situation with great understanding.
168 dDa ka Dalaa h<naa To be born with a silver spoon To be without any blemish; innocent
169 dr ki k>_i laanaa   To think of a solution no one had thought about; To somehow make the events concord by manipulating facts
170 dr ki sa<canaa   To be foresighted
171 dr sa hi namaskar krnaa   To not let come close; to maintain distance
172 dsar< k kama ma Apanai Xaga A_anaa   To stick ones nose in other peoples business.
173 d< Xk javaaba dnaa   To refuse bluntly
174 Dartai par paava na pa_naa   To be very happy; to be unable to contain ones happiness
175 Dala ma emalaa dnaa   To destroy completely; to render useless
176 naklacai bandr Copy cat A person who emulates anothers action without thought or originality.
177 na]qarKaana ma tatai ki Aavaaza h<naa   To such a voice that no one hears it; to not pa attention to ones statement in a milieu of many one sided opinions
178 nazar rKanaa To keep tabs on To keep an eye on a person or event
179 nazar laga jaanaa Evil eye. To come down with trouble of sickness inexpicably; to become a victim of evil eye
180 namak-emaca lagaanaa   To embellish somthing while saying or describing it
181 naak kaXnaa   To defeat or humiliate someone.
182 naak par maVKai na baYna dnaa   To brook no nonsense
183 naak-Ba> esak<_naa   To express distaste, dislike, unhappiness etc.
184 naak rga_naa   To grovel for somethingwith extreme pity; to try to expiate a misdeed
185 naak< cana cabaanaa   To bother or harass a lot, to give a very difficult time
186 na>-d<-gyaarh h<naa   To disappear, to run away
187 patTar ki lakir h<naa   To be such an unchanging statement which can neither be denied nor countered
188 parayai paala ka Baata hmaSaa AcCa h<taa h   What the other person has, always looks better.
189 paernd ka par na maar saknaa   To be so secure that not even a bird can fly in.
190 paha_ XX pa_naa   To encounter a big problem; to experience a very difficult situation
191 pagaa lanaa   Used more in Delhi and Panjab areas. Means, to pick fight with someone; or to take unnecessary risks.
192 paava zamaina par na pa_naa To be on cloud nine To be so happy as to be in a surrealistic state!
193 paava tala ki zamaina eKasak jaanaa   To faint; to lose ones thinking faculties due to the sudden appearance of an insurmountable problem
194 paanai-paanai h<naa   To be vary ashamed
195 paasaga Bai na h<naa   To be not even a fraction in comparison
196 paasaa ulXa pa_naa To bet on the wrong horse To have a negative reaction to an uncertain action.
197 paasaa palaX jaanaa   To have a sudden reversal of fortune
198 paiY Y<knaa   To encourage, to appreciate work
199 paiY ma Cra Ba<knaa To stab in the back To deceive someone, to hurt someone behind their back.
200 paX ma cah kdnaa   To be ravenously hungry
201 paX ma da`i h<naa   To be very clever at a very young age
202 paX ma baata na pacanaa   To not be able to keep a secret, to be voluble
203 pasannataa ka eYkanaa na rhnaa   To be exceedingly happy.
204 pasannataa ki lahr d>_naa   To be very happy
205 paaNa nya>Cavar krnaa   To give up ones life in pursuit of a noble goal
206 Pk-Pk kr par rKanaa To step gingerly? To work extremely carefully
207 Plaa na samaanaa   To feel very happy and proud; to not be able to contain ones happiness
208 bahtai gagaa ma haTa Da<naa   To make good use of an opportunity that presents itself
209 baaC eKala jaanaa   To appear extremely happy
210 baapa r baapa! Holy cow! An expression of exclamation to indicate excessiveness of something such as heat, danger, cold etc.
211 baala ki Kaala enakalanaa   To go into very minute details; to make critical comments
212 baala baaka na h<naa   To not experience any loss or pain in a very difficult situation; To not be affected by an event like an accident
213 baala ki Baita h<naa   To be transient; to be such which is not strong and solid
214 ba<latai band h< jaanaa Cat get ones tongue. An inability to speak because of fear or shyness.
215 Baagya PXnaa   To be struck with ill-luck or tragedy.
216 Baigai eballai ki tarh h<naa Scaredy cat! To be in a state of misery; to become very frightened.
217 BaKa na jaana baasai Baata naid na jaana XXi KaaX   When one is desperate for something, one is not over critical about what one gets.
218 maeVKayaa maarnaa   To not work, to waste time
219 mazaak u_anaa   To ridicule someone, to laugh at someone elses expense
220 maJaDaar ma C<_ dnaa   To abandon a person or plan to perish at a critical moment.
221 mana C<Xa krnaa   To become disheartened when not achieving the object of desire
222 mana ma galagala PXnaa   To gloat; to be very happy
223 mana ma laRR PXnaa   To be very happy
224 malhar gaanaa   To express happiness
225 maaTaa rga_naa   To be obsequious and praise someone
226 maaTa par haTa rKanaa   To protect someone
227 maina maKa enakalanaa Look a gift horse in the mouth. To criticize a gift; to criticize an offer; to criticize something instead of appreciating it.
228 mah kalaa krnaa   To do a humiliating deed, to lose pretige
229 mah ka svaad ebaga_ jaanaa It left a bad taste in my mouth To create a bad impression
230 mah ki Kaanaa   To experience absolute defeat, total rout in a battle
231 mah ki baata Cina lanaa/kh dnaa You took the words right out of my mouth Somehow you knew what I was going to say.
232 mahta<_ javaaba dnaa   To render speechless, to present an uncounterable argument
233 mah taaknaa   To be dependent on someone
234 mah ma paanai Aanaa It made my mouth water To feel greed or hunger
235 mah laganaa   To be close enough to behave informally with someone; to argue with someone considered of a lower category than ones own.
236 mah sa Pla Ja_naa   To speak very sweat and pleasing
237 maNR maNR maetaeBannaaH   Every person has a separate opinion, taste etc.
238 ma>ta ka eSakar h<naa   To die, to be killed.
239 rga ma Baga h<naa   To experience an obstruction in enjoyment; to have a bad taste in ones mouth
240 rgarelayaa manaanaa   To enjoy carnal pleasures; to live a life of luxury.
241 rgaa esayaar h<naa   To be crooked; To be double faced
242 raI sa pavata krnaa To make a mountain out of a molehill To make a big deal out of something very small
243 rata edna Ok kr dnaa To go whole hog To do something so thoroughly; to make herculean efforts.
244 rastaa enakalanaa To make one's way To find a way to survive, to find a solution to a difficult situation.
245 lakir ka fkir h<naa   One who follows a tradition blindly
246 la<h k cana cabaanaa   To get involved in a very difficult task
247 vairgaeta k< paapta h<naa   To die fighting in a war
248 Saamata Aanaa   The time of arrival of a difficult or troubling sitution
249 Sar k data egananaa   To do an act of extreme bravery
250 Sa<k k baadla Canaa   To be surrounded by sadness
251 saeYyaa jaanaa   To become senile.
252 safd JaY ba<lanaa To speak a white lie To lie outright.
253 safdpa<Sa badmaaSa Wolf in sheeps clothing A deceiving person who acts and dresses as a nice person.
254 sabza baa^a edKaanaa   To create hopeless hope; to give misleading consolation
255 saapa k< kcalanaa   To destroy an enemy
256 saapa CCdr ki sai dSaa h<naa To be on the horns of a dilemma To be in two minds
257 saapa Bai mar jaaya A>r laaYi Bai na XX   To solve a problem without accruing any negative repercussions.
258 saata GaaX ka paanai epaya h<naa   To have had many different kinds of experiences
259 saata taala< k Andr rKanaa   To keep very securely; To keep in such a place where no one can reach it
260 saata-paaca krnaa   To deceive
261 saaf baca enaklanaa Land on ones feet To go through an ordeal or a difficult situation, and to either escape the consequence, or to come out better.
262 esai-epai gama h<naa Knock off ones feet To panic, to lose ones thinking faculties
263 esataar ^aedSa ma h<naa To be in the doghouse To have a spell of bad luck; to be in a state of disfavor.
264 esar Kajaanaa To scratch ones head To think, to be baffled, to search for a solution to a problem.
265 esar ca` kr ba<lanaa   To have become spoilt due to excessive affection or leniency.
266 esar par ca` baYnaa   To force someone to do something.
267 esar-maaTa par baYanaa   To give immense respect
268 saAr k< Ka<Baar Baava kica Baava ktaki   Everyone has a different taste, opinion or habits.
269 sa<na ki ecae_yaa The goose that lays the golden eggs An entity which is affluent, and has the potential of making someone else affluent.
270 heTayaar Rala dnaa   To accept defeat; To give up, to lay down ones arms
271 hvaa sa baata krnaa   To move very fast
272 dya epaGala jaanaa   To begin to feel pity or compassion
273 haTa Da< lanaa Off ones hands To no longer be responsible for, or in posession of, something.
274 haTa baXanaa/ba`anaa Give someone a hand To help in a task, to share the burden.
275 haTa Ralanaa   To make a suddent intervention; to make an inappropriate effort to violate someones honor or wealth.
276 haTa Da< kr paiC pa_ jaanaa   To purse a problem or person relentlessly, leaving no effort spared
277 haTa-paava Pla jaanaa   To panic, to become so rooted as not to know what to do in fear or agitation
278 haTa-par maarnaa   To keep trying, to struggle
279 haTa mar<_naa To twist ones arm To force some to do something, to black mail someone.
280 haTa malanaa   To repent
281 haTa< k ta<ta u_ jaanaa To have butterflies in one's stomach? To panic