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These pages are being developed with support from the South Asia Center at Syracuse University, in consultation with Dr. Tej K. Bhatia, Professor of Linguistics and South Asian Languages at Syracuse University. Jishnu Shankar, Associate Director, South Asia Center, is the lecturer for first and second year Hindi language courses at Syracuse University, and the designer and programmer for these pages. We will be updating these pages as new lessons are prepared.

HIN 101

Word lists for Hindi 101 lessons on Basic Vocabulary, Cooking Processes, Kitchen Items, Countries, Nationalities and Languages, Dress, Family and Relations, Food Items, Food Grains and Flours, Fruits and Nuts, Herbs and Spices, Tastes, Vegetables, Hobbies, Time: Daily Increments, Time: Months, Professions, and Religions have been contributed by Prof. Tej Bhatia from his book Colloquial Hindi published by Routledge.


Building upon what we learnt in the first year of Hindi, the second year focusses on enhancing language proficiency of the student. To that end, we have included a lot more content with an extended vocabulary database that can be of assistance in mastering the language.


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