PAI 757 / ECN 661  Economics of Development

John McPeak - Department of Public Administration and International Affairs,  Syracuse University.


PPA 757/757_661syllabusspring2018.pdf

Writing the homeworks

PAI 757/What is Development Economics.pdf              

PPA 757/Theories of Development.pdf                           

PPA 757/International Issues 1.pdf                               

PPA 757/Internationalissues2.pdf

PPA 757/developmentpolicy.pdf                                   

 PracticeQuizOne     Practice Quiz One New for 05  Key for this    Quiz One 2003  Quiz One 2004    Quiz One 2005  Quiz One 2006   

PAI 757examone07.pdf  PAI 757/Examone08.pdf   PAI 757examone09.pdf    PAI 757examone10.docx     PAI 757examone11.docx

  PPA757examone12.pdf          PPA75Examone13.pdf      PPA 757examone14.pdf          PPA 757examone15.pdf

PPA 757exam1spring2016.docx


PAI 757/Inequality and Poverty.pdf                            


PAI 757/Population issues in development economics.pdf   

PAI 757/Urban Issues.pdf                                           

PAI 757/agandruraldev.pdf                                         

PAI 757/Devrankpresentation.pptx

PAI 757/Human Capital 1.pdf                                             

PAI 757/Human Capital 2.pdf          

PAI 757/Environment and Development.pdf                        


 PPA 757/PRAtechniquesoverview.pptx




Research Paper and poster materials

Two posters I presented:  PAI 757/GenderPARIMANaivasha.pptx   PAI 757/LITEKPosterforNaivasha.pptx

PPA 757/Termpaperexample.pdf

PPA 757/presentation scheduleS2016.pdf


Practice Final   Practice Final 05  Practice final 05 answer key  Final 2003   Final 2004  Final2005       Final 2006

PAI 757/Final07.pdf    PAI 757/FinalS08.pdf    PAI 757/FinalS09.pdf     PAI757FinalS10.pdf       FinalPAI757S11.pdf

 PPA 757/FinalPPA757S12.docx    PPA 757/FinalPPA757S13.docx  PPA 757/FinalPPA757S14.pdf      PPA 757/FinalPPA757S15.pdf

Some more northern Kenya pictures