Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs


PAI 735/ECN 635
State and Local Government Finance
Professor Yinger
Spring 2017


Professor Yinger
451 Eggers Hall
Phone: (315) 443-9062


Class Location: 111 Maxwell Hall
Class Time: M/W 12:45-2:05
Office Hours: 11:00-12:00 Monday and Wednesday or by Appointment


Please contact Mrs. Santy to make an appointment with the professor. 

Mary Santy 
426 Eggers Hall  
Phone: (315) 443-3115



Course Overview and Requirements


Class Cases 

Case #1: Spending Incentives in New York’s School Tax Relief Program

Case #2:  Lockup Quotas for Private Prisons

Case #3:  State Regulation of Local Property Tax Assessing

Case #4: Zone-Based Tax Incentives and Local Economic Redevelopment

Case #5: Campaign for Fiscal Equity Vs. New York



Order of Presentations at Class Conference

Final Student Papers for 2017


Spring 2017 Syllabus 



Case Assignments

Case Preference Form

Instructions for Case Discussions   

JY's Tips for Professional Writing    

Lecture Notes
(To be posted before each class)

Lecture 1   - Introduction and Overview

Lecture 2   - The Demand for Local Public Services

Lecture 3   - Voting

Lecture 4   - Public Sector Costs: Concepts

Lecture 5   - Public Sector Costs: Policy

Lecture 6   - State and Local Revenue: Overview

Lecture 7   - Property Tax Capitalization

Lecture 8   - Property Tax Incidence

Lecture 9   - State and Local Sales and Income Taxes

Lecture 10 - Revenue from Government Monopoly

Lecture 11 - User Fees (=Public Prices)

Lecture 12 - State and Local Public Infrastructure

Lecture 13 - Bond Markets

Lecture 14 - Issuing Bonds

Lecture 15 - Economic Development Concepts

Lecture 16 - Economic Development Policy

Lecture 17 - Introduction to Intergovernmental Relations

Lecture 18 - State Education Aid Formulas

Lecture 19 - State Policies Related to Education Aid


Student Papers

Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics