Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Student Papers 2005

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger


Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award for 2005 goes to: Casey Hanewall

Incidence Analysis of the Seattle Monorail Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET)


Runner's up (In alphabetical order)

Kate Clark

Dina Hasiotis

Andrew Hollander, Leah Kane, and Micah Tannenbaum

Andrea Stenhoff

Student Papers 

  1. Ajejandro Amezcua,  Improving Education Equity in Michigan After Proposal A

  2. Leah Bills and Jason L. Watkins,  Proposal to build an NFL Stadium in Syracuse

  3. Kate Clark,  Alternatives to Raising the New York City Bus and Subway Fare

  4. Toby Croll, Video Lottery Terminals Proposal

  5. Lijun Du,  China: The Property Tax is on its Way

  6. Casey Hanewall, Incidence Analysis of the Seattle Monorail Motor Vehicle Excise Tax (MVET)

  7. George Hannum and Carter Hewgley, Changing Philadelphia’s Tax Mix

  8. Dina Hasiotis,  Mayor Menino’s Local Option Tax Plan

  9. Julia Holland,  State Tax incentive for Bioelectricity Production

  10. Andrew Hollander, Leah Kane and Micah Tannenbaum, West Side Stadium Project

  11. Carson Howell, Memorandum

  12. Nadia Islam, Debt Policy Reform for New York State

  13. Gwen Kemper, A Commuter Tax for Washington, D.C.

  14. Jung-yeon Kim, Memorandum for School Finance System Reform

  15. Tae-Hun Kim, Strategy for Regional Development: Focusing on Gangwon Providence of Korea

  16. Arron Kocian, A Renewable Electric Standard for the State of Idaho

  17. Seung-cheol Lim, Jeonnam Province of Korea and J-project (Resort & Leisure Complex)

  18. Ulas Mogultay, Changes in New York State Gambling Policy

  19. Justin Monroe, The PabstCity Project

  20. Li Qi, Alternative New Property Tax Revenues Sources

  21. Patrick Scully, Memorandum

  22. Andrea Stenhoff, Recommendations for Use of video lottery terminals to finance education in New York State

  23. Ben Walsh, Convention Center Hotel Proposal

Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics