Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Student Papers 2006

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger


Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award for 2006 goes to: Lindsay Imai and Sarah Keeville
Analysis and Reform Recommendations for Proposition 13


Student Papers 

  1. Jason Angell, Towards Sustainable Economic Development

  2. Michael Burger, Privatization of Texas Highways

  3. Katherine Coriale, Sales Tax Collection: Oneida Indian Nation's Turning Stone Resort and Casino

  4. Lindsay Crawford and Collin O'Mara, State of the Empire Zone Program

  5. Coraline Falco, NYS Forest Property Tax

  6. Marcus Felder, Emily Kao, and Hillary Poole, Recommendation to Impose a Commuter Tax in Washington, D.C.

  7. Brandon Goad, Professional Memo: Arizona Taxpayers Revolt

  8. Meg Gray, Recommendation Against Implementing a Lottery to Pay for NC Court Mandated Education Reform

  9. Isael Hermosillo, Alternatives to Raising Funds for UC Systems

  10. Ryan Hickey, Renaissance Square Project

  11. Lindsay Imai and Sarah Keeville, Analysis and Reform Recommendations for Proposition 13

  12. Kevin Johnson, Gambling Proposals in Kentucky

  13. Annie Ju and Stasha Fyfe, Analysis of Massachusetts Universal Health Care Law

  14. Yoon Kang and David Runyon, Tax Recommendations for the Oneida Indian Nation

  15. Jin-Young Kim, Solution of Incheon Rapid Transit Corporation Budget Deficits

  16. Ben Kornblet and Katie Lyons, The Case for Internet Sales Tax in Pennsylvania

  17. Ting-ting Liang, Implementing Statewide Strategies to Resolve CFE

  18. Jason Liou, Recommendation Against California Proposition 82

  19. Laurie Mason, Vermont Education Finance - Recommendations on ACT 60 & 68

  20. Andrew Maxwell, Destiny USA Sales Tax Revenue Sharing and TIF Benefits

  21. Jesse Olczak, FY 2006 Budget Shortfall

  22. Lloyd Purdy, Village of Dryden BID Proposal

  23. Hattie Quarnstrom, Implementing a Statewide Lottery in Hawaii

  24. Seth Racine, Tabor Referendum

  25. Naveed Rajput, Fiscal Decentralization in Sindh, Pakistan

  26. Justin Resuello, California's Proposition 82 Improves Educational Access and Opportunity

  27. Milagros Ramirez,  Impact of TANF Reauthorization of New York State

  28. Richard Sullivan, New York City Property Tax Reform

  29. David Whitmore, Political Consolidation of the Town and the City of Ithaca

  30. Anna Yim, Analysis of H. 4449 and 4450 with a Recommendation for Property-Tax Relief


Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics