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Student Papers 2011

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger


Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award for 2011 goes to: Manoj Pingua Kumar, Puneet Agarwal, and Hoseong Nam,
 "Privatization of Prisons"


Student Papers 

  1. Amanda Sue Wampler, Debbie Yu, "Farmers Field Proposal"

  2. Amy Bonilla, "Attracting Businesses in Nanotechnology to Central New York"

  3. Jeralyn Cave, "Connecticut Property Tax"

  4. Tania Socarras, "Recommendation for Economic Development in Miami-Dade County"

  5. Kacie Galbraith, Biff Beecher Jones and Sookyung Oh, "Trimming Costs for the City of Twin Falls Department of Parks & Recreation"

  6. Matt Steigman, "Manhattan Traffic Congestion Pricing"

  7. Michael Mitchell, "Reforming California’s Pension System"

  8. Manoj Pingua Kumar, Puneet Agarwal, and Hoseong Nam, "Privatization of Prisons"

  9. Charles Alexander Deluca, Andrew Savoy-Burke, Patrick Gaetjens, "The New Markets Tax Credit: A Critical Assessment"

  10. Jennifer Lee Karius, "Ensuring Accountability over Accuracy of the Vote Count: Federal Funds Conditioned on Procurement Contract Criteria"

  11. Sun Ki Choi and Hyungjo Hur, "The Emissions trading Program in the state of Illinois with an economic analysis"

  12. Rory Shannon, "The Excelsior Jobs Program"

  13. Abdikhani Aden, "Structuring Intergovernmental Grants and Transfers: The Case of Kenya"

  14. Moses Kopmar, "The Build America Bond Program"

  15. Sun Jung Oh, "Policy Recommendations for Oportunidades"

  16. Emily Byrne, "The State Park System; State Parks Capital Project Funding"

  17. Burnell Edward Holland, "Strengthening the Empowerment Zone Credits Program in Washington, D.C."

  18. Samuel Jas. Brown, "Analysis of the Consequences of Oregon's Measure 50"

  19. Fabiola Caceres Paurinotto, "Tax Incentives in the Peruvian Amazon: Net Gain or Net Loss?"

  20. Tiffany Stanley, Memo removed at the request of the author.

  21. Courtney Stuckwisch, "Short- and Long-Term Solutions for Education Cuts in New Jersey"

  22. Ziruo Zheng, "Should State-Run Lottery be privatized in New York State?"



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