Maxwell School, Syracuse University


Student Papers 2014

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger


Best Paper Award

The Best Paper Award for 2014 goes to: Joseph Boskovski, County Medicaid Mandate and Property Tax Relief


Student Papers 

  1. Josh Beams, Ryan Gilbert, "New York State Infrastructure Facilitation Package."

  2. Joseph Boskovski, County Medicaid Mandate and Property Tax Relief.

  3. Henry Coslick, “Improving Transportation in Maryland by Using New Federal Investment Programs.”

  4. Xiaokang Dong, “Beijing Traffic Development Program.”

  5. James Hacker, Whitney Shepard, and Katie Shifley, “Recommendations for Sidewalk Snow Removal Policy."

  6. Tyler Hall, “New York State Brownfield Cleanup Program.”

  7. Xueyuan Liu, Promote the education equity of junior school in Lian Yun Gang.”

  8. Fletcher Montzingo, Alejandro Davalos, and John Stefanski, “Budgetary Implications of Marijuana Legalization in Rhode Island.”

  9. Demetrius White, Annisa Pratiwi, and Irving Feng, “Financing California High-Speed Rail.”


Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics