Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Student Papers 2015

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger



Best Paper Award

Student Papers 

  1. Courtney Adrian and Dominick Napolitano, “Adjustments to the Property Tax Cap.”

  2. Jason A. Allen and James E. Short, “Tax Revenue via iLottery and iGambling Policy Brief.”

  3. Jessica Allen and Eliana Briceno, “Financing Low Income Housing with Multifamily Revenue Bonds.”

  4. Alys Alley and Amanda Vitullo, “An Evaluation of Industrial Development Agencies: Improving Economic Development Practices in New York State.”

  5. Alexandra BetGeorge, “A Local Solution for the FY2016 CNYRTA Budget Shortfall.”

  6. Kyle Coleman, "Private Prisons in New York."

  7. Allison Crerand and Stephen Cheung, "Recommendation for Increasing Revenue in MBTA Subway and Bus Services."

  8. Xenophondas Chronis, “Supporting Governor Cuomo’s Circuit Breaker Tax Relief Proposal.”

  9. Jordan Dale, “Chicago Parking Meter Privatization."

  10. Daniel Duffy and Gonzalo Talavera Forlin, “421-a reform proposal.”

  11. Alison Lubin and Dennis Robillard, "Public School Facility Cost Relief.”

  12. Mariko Mori, “Private Public Partnership in the City of Sandy Springs, GA.”

  13. Oscar Pascual and Ryan Platner, "Subject: Re-evaluation of the Education Investment Tax Credit proposal."

  14. Joshua Ramirez and Justin Smith, “Recommendations for San Diego Chargers Stadium Proposal.”

  15. Amy Snider, "Financial Actions to Reduce Impact of BeltLine TAD on Atlanta Public Schools."

  16. Drew Alan Tompkins, “Economic Development South of Lycoming College Campus."

  17. Anton Volov, “Gas Tariffs and Energy Reform in Ukraine.”

  18. Anthony J. Weilbacher, “Performance Based Budgeting (PBB) Reform.”

  19. Patrick Willers, “Management Recommendation.”















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