Maxwell School, Syracuse University

Student Papers 2017

PAI 735/ECN 635
 State and Local Government Finance 
Professor Yinger



Student Papers 

Lindsey Callahan, Julia Pasquale and Jason Mehta, Consolidation Analysis - Impact on Financing Capabilities”


Henry Dyer-Cruzado, “Adjustment in property tax revenues for municipalities in the Peruvian State”


Chloe Elberty and Ignacio Pezo, “Proposal to Merge the City of Syracuse’s and Onondaga County’s Industrial Agencies”


Madeleine Hamlin, “Memorandum: Proposal to Implement a Countywide Soda Tax”


Kevin Hundelt and Jace Beehler, “NY Citizens Empowerment Tax Credit and Aid/Incentives for Municipalities Programs”


Ronald Mak, “Reexamining New York State Education Finance Reform”


Zhibo Meng, “Property tax relief in New York and experience for China property tax reform”


Jinsol Park and Sonia Rangel, “Tax Base Sharing System in the Syracuse and Onondaga Community”


Linnea Powell, “Assessing the Impact of Iowa’s Statewide Voluntary Preschool Program”


Frank Simmons and Kyle Schwemmer, “Fair and Equitable Public Education Funding Policy”


John Ida Jakondo Tete, “Property Tax Assessment an Analysis of the Consensus Project”


Tao Lu “Review of Move NY’s Congestion Pricing Plan”


 Xintong Wang, “Property Tax Implementation in China”


Rui Zhang, "Implementing Stringent Environmental Tax Laws and Tax Incentives in the Hebei"





Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics