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How to Open JPAM Articles

PAI 786 Urban Policy
Professor Yinger



When opening or saving a class reading (required or optional), here are steps to follow: 

  1. Go to and click on Register.

  2. Fill out "The New User Registration Form."  You  will be asked your username and password when your enter this site in the future.

  3. From syllabus you can now click on the link for the reading 

  4. Find the reading on the JPAM site 

  5. Click on Full Text: PDF 

  6. If it does not open - Then in the "File Download" drop down box click on Save 

  7. Choose where you want to download it 

  8. Make sure that you put .pdf after the file name or you will not be able to save it.   

Trustee Professor of Public Administration and Economics