Maxwell School, Syracuse University



Racial and Ethnic Relations

A Goal for Chairman Greenspan's Last Term: Effective Fair- Lending Enforcement (August 22, 2004)

The Full Story About Gaps In Homeownership (November 2002)

Proposition 209 Is a Call to Action (April 1997)

Let's Celebrate an Important Civil Rights Victory (May 1996) 

Racial Healing or Political Dealing? (June 1996) 


State and Local Government Finance

Star-Crossed Property Tax Relief  (January 1998)

Why Syracuse Should Revalue (March 1993)

Yinger: Casinos mean more jobs?  No dice (October 2013)



State Must Reform Formula for Funding Education (April, 2004)

A Big Step Backwards on Education Finance (August, 2002)

Equity v. Hypocrisy in Education Finance (December, 2001)

Reforming New York's State Education Aid Dinosaur (January, 2001)

Pataki's Property Tax Relief Takes From Schools and Gives to the Wealthy (Commentary) (December 2013)


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