Dr. Larry D. Schroeder

Academic Appointments









Syracuse University, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs,
Professor of Public Administration, 1998-present.

Maxwell Professor of Teaching Excellence, 2003-2006

Birkhead & Burkhead Teaching Excellence Professorship,

Faculty Associate in the Global Affairs Institute of the Maxwell School and
Director of Studies in Development and Social Transformation, 20012004.

Visiting Professor, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang Malaysia, 1998-1999.

Indiana University, Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, 1994-1998.
(Director, Ph.D. in Public Affairs and Joint Ph.D. in Public Policy, 1996-1998).

Indiana University, Senior Research Associate, Workshop in Political Theory and
Policy Analysis, 1994-1998.

Syracuse University, Professor of Public Administration and Economics,
1982‑1994 (Associate Professor, 1977‑1982).

Indiana University, Visiting Professor of Public and Environmental Affairs, 1989‑1990.

Syracuse University, Senior Research Associate, The Metropolitan Studies Program,
1977‑1994 (Associate Director, 1983‑1985; Director, 1985‑1987).

Georgia State University, Assistant Professor of Economics, 1970‑1976;
Associate Professor, 1976‑1977.