Dr. Larry D. Schroeder

International Field and Training Experience









Faculty Director, International Comparative Policy Analysis
Training Program for Indian Civil Servants, 2002-present
Assisted in drafting Local Government Legislation in Timor Leste
(East Timor), 2008

Mid-Career Public Policy Analysis Management Training Program for Indian Administrative Service Officers, India, 2007 and 2008

Policy Analysis Training Program, Thailand, 2006-present

Technical Assistance for the National Finance Statistics Information System Project in Viet Nam, 2007


Analysis of Fiscal Decentralization Policies in Romania, 2005



Fiscal decentralization in Cambodia, 2004-2006



Analysis of fiscal decentralization policies in Albania, 2004



Review of public finance and administration training in Bulgaria, 2002



South Africa Local Government Financial Reform Project, 2000-2001



Intergovernmental fiscal relations in Albania, 2000



Financing environmental projects in the Russian Federation, 1999



Analysis of financing decentralization in Malawi, 1998 & 1999



Analysis of intergovernmental fiscal relations in Indonesia, 1995-1997



Strengthening the role of Parliament in the Ukrainian budget process, 1994-1997.

Assessment of rural roads planning in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1995-96



Analysis of earmarked Roads Fund in Tanzania, 1993



Financing road maintenance in Indonesia, 1990-1991



Assessment of rural roads sector in Bangladesh, 1989



Financing rural local panchayats in Nepal, 1987