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Trade and Development Group

Department of Economics
Syracuse University

SU Trade and Development Ph.D. Recipients


Ph.D. Dissertations 1994-2016
Year Name Main Advisor Dissertation Title
1994 Daniel Bernhofen J. David Richardson Dumping and International Market Power in Vertically Related Industries
1996 Veysel Ulusoy J. David Richardson The Growth Empirics of the Scope of the Production Scale, Time and Trade: Both Cross Country and Panel Studies
1997 Heri Kristiono J. David Richardson The Effect of Indonesian Trade Liberalization on Price-Cost Margin and Technical Efficiency
1998 Linghui Tang J. David Richardson Essays on Vertically Integrated Multinational Enterprises: Theory and Evidence
1999 Elena Khripounova J. David Richardson Essays on Wage Differentials
2001 Khaled S. Al-bulaihed Mary E. Lovely The Welfare Distribution of Pan-Arab Free Trade Area
2001 Shalini Sharma Mary E. Lovely
Stuart Rosenthal
Economics of Agglomeration
2001 Mehmet Tosun Douglas Holtz-Eakin Essays of Population Aging, Fiscal Policy and International Tax Exporting
2002 Mohua Das J. David Richardson Essays in International Trade, Human Capital and Income Distribution
2003 Shuo Zhang J. David Richardson Three essays on the Empirical Linkage between Trade and Income
2004 Daron Djerdjian Mary E. Lovely Essays in International Trade Theory and Political Economy
2005 Kontee Nuchsuwan Devashish Mitra Essays in Trade, Development and Political Economy
2005 Cong Pham Devashish Mitra
Mary E. Lovely
Across-Product versus Within-Product Specialization and New Evidence Reconsidered
2006 Xuepeng Liu Mary E. Lovely
Devashish Mitra
Essays on Trade, FDI and Development
2007 Natalia Trofimenko Mary E. Lovely Essays in International Trade
2007 Beyza Ural Devashish Mitra Essays in Trade and International Development
2007 Nayef Al-Shammari Mary E. Lovely Exchange Rate Policy Implications and International Trade Linkages
2008 Ratidanai Hoonsawat Mary E. Lovely Three Essays in International Trade and Development
2010 Puman Ouyang Mary E. Lovely Three Essays in International Trade and Development and the Chinese Economy
2010 Reshad Ahsan Devashish Mitra Essays on Trade Policy, Institutions and Firm Behavior
2010 Asha Sundaram Devashish Mitra International Trade, Domestic Institutions and Development

Fariha Kamal

Mary E. Lovely Essays on Foreign Direct Investment, Agglomeration and Productivity
2011 Jeong Eun Shin Devashish Mitra Essays on the Impact of Trade on Labor Markets and Productivity in Korea
2015 Melissa Chow Mary E. Lovely
Peter Wilcoxen
Three Empirical Papers on Energy and Labor Economics
2015 JaeYoon Lee Devashish Mitra Essays on International Trade and Development
2016 Yusuf Bagir Devashish Mitra Three Empirical Essays on International Trade and Public Economics