Syracuse University                                                                                     Lourenço Paz
The Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs                                  Assistant Professor
Department of Economics                                                                               lspaz 'at'
110 Eggers Hall                                                                                               Phone:    315-443-5874
Syracuse, New York 13244-1020                                                                   Fax:        315-443-3717

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Ph.D. Economics, University of Maryland, College Park                  May 2009

          M.A.    Economics, University of Maryland, College Park                  May 2008

           M.A.   Economics, EPGE-FGV, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil                      July 2003

           B.A.    Public Administration, EAESP-FGV, São Paulo, Brazil          December 1999

Research Interests: International Trade, Development and Labor Economics
                              Informal Economy, Spatial Econometrics, Brazilian Economy

Fall 2014:
       ECN 302 Intermediate Macroeconomics

       ECN 465 International trade Theory and Policy
       ECN 601 Survey Microeconomic Theory


Office Hours (Fall 2014)
Th 9:30 - 10:50 am

Summer 2014:


       ECN 301 - M004 Intermediate Microeconomics (Maymester)
       ECN 601 - M004Survey Microeconomic Theory (Maymester)

      On-line Courses (What is an on-line course? Is it for me?)
       ECN 301 - U800 Intermediate Microeconomics
       ECN 601 - U802 Survey Microeconomic Theory
       ECN 310/LAS 300 - U800 Latin American Economic Development
       ECN 610 - U800  Latin American Economic Development
orking papers


"Export Wage Premium: Firm-level Evidence from Korea", with K. Kapri, D. Mitra, and J. Shin.


Work in Progress


“Good Jobs and Bad Jobs in the Process of Rural-Urban Migration” with Derek Laing

“Premature deindustrialization: An analysis of the Brazilian case”



 "The Effects of Exporting on Wages: An Evaluation Using the 1999 Brazilian Exchange Rate Devaluation" with Bruno C. Araujo, Journal of Development Economics, 111, November 2014, 1–16.

 "The impacts of trade liberalization on informal labor markets: an evaluation of the Brazilian case", Journal of International Economics, 92(2), 2014, 330–348.

 "Trade Liberalization and Industry Wage Premium: The Missing Role of Productivity", Applied Economics, 46(4), 2014, 408–419.

 "Inter-industry Productivity Spillovers: An Analysis Using the 1989–1998 Brazilian Trade Liberalization", Journal of Development Studies, 50(9), 2014, 1263–1276.

 "The welfare impacts of a revenue-neutral switch from tariffs to VAT with intermediate inputs and VAT threshold", The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development, forthcoming.

 "Estimating the elasticity of intertemporal substitution: Is the aggregate financial return free from the weak instrument problem?" with Fabio Gomes, Journal of Macroeconomics, 36C, 2013, 63–75.

"Tariffs Versus VAT in the Presence of Heterogeneous Firms" with Ron Davies,  International Tax and Public Finance, Springer, vol. 18(5), 533–554, October 2011. 

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