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940 Montreal Radio: “The National Intelligence Estimate on Iran” (12/5/07); interview about the release of British sailors by Iran (4/5/07); interview about the Iranian nuclear issue (4/13/06).

Agence France-Presse: Interview about President George W. Bush's comment on possibility of World War III if Iran went nuclear (10/31/07)

Al-Ahram Weekly: “Who's threatening whom?” (6/19-25/08)

Al Jazeera English: interview about what it takes to run for Iran's parliament (2/28/12); interview about street demonstrations in Iran on the 30th anniversary of the takeover of U.S. Embassy (11/4/09).

Arabian Business (Dubai, UAE): Interview about the state of Iran-Israel relations (11/7/05).

Asia Times: “Now It’s All about Iran Sanctions” (2/19/10)

Associated Press: “Easing Sanctions no Easy Goal for Iran’s President,” (9/24/13) “Iran's new president seeks to begin outreach at UN” (9/13/13), ), “Iran's reformists stake long shot hopes in Khatami” (4/15/13);“NJ professor's quixotic quest to be Iran president” (3/26/13); “Beyond Oil Battle, Sanctions Hit Iran’s Merchants” (8/27/12); “Ahmadinejad Wounded but Wily in Final Year” (6/11/12); Iran rallies to aid of Iraq's embattled leader” (6/4/12); Bush's 'evil' trio holds sway over US decade later (2/2/2012); "Bid for Iran nuclear talks confronts old snags” (1/24/12); "Iran’s Ruling System Seeks Comfort Zone in Crisis” (12/1/11); "Humbled Iranian President Faces Tough Final years" (5/10/11); “Protests simmer among Iran's powerful merchants.” (7/9/10); “Tehran Professors Denounce Violence on Protesters" (1/13/10); “Iran Blames US, Israel after Bomb Kills Physicist" (1/4/10); "Iran Media Plans Stir Talk of Elite Force at Helm" (11/16/09); “Iran willing to build new relationship with US” (4/15/09).

Atlantic Monthly & National Journal Magazine: “Can Iran Become a Regional Hegemon Despite Its Economy?” (3/14/08)

Australian Broadcasting Corporation: Interview about Iran’s missile tests (1/2/12).

Aventuras na História (Brazil): Interview about Iranian politics (2/04); interview about the War with Iraq (3/28/03).

BBC Arabic TV: Interview about protest movement in Iran (2/15/11)

BBC Radio (Newshour programme): Interview about Iran and the Syrian Crisis (9/3/13).

BBC Persian TV: Regulalry 2011-present.

Bloomberg: “Rohani Takes His Charm to UN Used to Iranian Hectoring: (9/23/13);Defying Iran Sanctions Propels Tehran Mayor before Vote” (2/4/13). 

Bloomberg TV:  Interview with on Egyptian uprising (2/4/11)

Bridges TV: Interview about Iranian involvement in Iraq (2/12/07).

Bulgarian National Radio: Interview about US-Iranian Relations (9/25/13)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation: Interview about the referral of Iran to the U.N. Security Council (1/12/06).

Channel 3 TV (Syracuse, NY): Interview about Iranians volunteering to become suicide bombers (9/6/06); interview about the trial of Saddam Hussein (7/1/04).

Channel 5 TV (Syracuse, NY): Interview about the U.S. bombing of Iraqi military sites (8/10/01).

Channel 9 TV (Syracuse, NY):  Interview about the killing of the US Ambassador in Libya (9/12/12); interview about NYPD monitoring of Muslim students (2/20/12); interview about Iranian threat affecting world oil prices (1/3/11).

Channel 10 TV (Syracuse, NY): Interview about the Iraqi elections (1/27/05); profile of my “Middle East Politics” class discussion about Yasser Arafat’s death (11/11/04); interview about an earthquake in Iran claiming 25,000 lives (12/29/03).

Channel 13 TV (Syracuse, NY): “Up Front with Rochelle Cassella” (10/21/02).

Christian Science Monitor: Two to Tango: Why Iran turns dance partners into enemies,” (3/19/2010); “Why Even Russia Sours on Iran,” (3/22/10).

Chronicle of Higher Education: “Collision of Prose and Politics” (10/13/06).

Correio Braziliense:  Obama pede aos opositores de Teerã que manifestem sua "sede de liberdade” (2/16/11).

Daily Orange [student newspaper at SU]: “United States protests addition of Palestine to UNESCO” (11/7/11); “Effects of attacks continue to shape generation” (9/8/11); “How would a U.S. veto against Palestinian statehood affect U.S. relations” (9/7/11); Rebels continue to clear out traces of Gadhafi in Tripoli (8/29/11); SU reflects on death of bin Laden (5/3/11); Rising up: Implications of protests in Middle East draw attention worldwide, at SU (3/20/11); “Ask the Experts: Would a U.S. troop increase be effective in stabilizing Afghanistan in light of the costs?” (10/22/09); “All tangled up: Obama, McCain take different approaches to addressing relations with Iran” (9/9/08); on controversial campus speaker Irshad Manji (2/15/08); interview about the first Presidential Debate between Senator Kerry and President George W. Bush (10/1/04; 10/14/04); “The Politics of Pan Am 103” (10/16/03); “For Families of Lockerbie Bombing Victims, Plane Security Measures Come a Decade Late” (10/17/01); “Palestinians Make Up Small Part of Campus” (9/11/01).

Dave & Gomez Show (WTKW-FM radio): Interview about the Dubai Port Authority managing American ports (2/24/06).

Deutsche Welle Persian Service: “Obama’s message to the Iranian people on the occasion of Persian New Year” (3/20/09).

Dow Jones Wire Service: Interview about the Iranian Presidential elections (6/28/05).

Free Speech Radio News: Interview about US-Iranian relations (12/14/05).

Houston Chronicle: “Zero Kilometers: President's rant about destroying Israel reveals a dangerous Iran” (11/1/05).

International Herald Tribune: “Khatami pulls out Zurich, Switzerland (3/16/09); “Iran closes U.S. door for talks about Iraq” (4/25/06).

Inter Press Service: "US-IRAN: Sanctions Are the Talk of the Day" (2/9/10)

Izvestia (Russia): Interview about the Iranian nuclear issue (1/24/06).

Jerk Magazine (student-run magazine in Syracuse, NY): Interview about discrimination faced by Muslims in the United States (Fall 2007).

Jornal do Brasil: “Para analistas, ameaça nuclear do Irã é exagerada” (1/24/09).

KRSI Radio (Los Angeles): Interview about Iranian politics (2/21/04); interview about the reform movement in Iran (8/24/02); interview about the role of youth in Iranian politics (6/22/02); interview about Iranian politics (4/23/01).

Kyodo News (Japan): "Sanctions on Iran likely to yield mixed results amid tense nuke talks" (11/19/09).

La Stampa (Italy): "E tutto in mano ai Pasdaran sara scontco" (12/29/09).

Le Figaro: “Le désarroi de la société civile iranienne” (6/27/05).

Los Angeles Times: U.S. and Iran are edging toward direct talks” (9/11/13); “Iran nuclear chief expresses some flexibility” (4/10/12); "U.S., Iran move closer to a nuclear deal" (11/22/09).

Mandagmorgen (Norway): Interview about the market position of the Norwegian national oil company (1/19/04).

Maxwell Perspective: “Once Upon a Time in Tehran” (Fall 2005).

McClatchy Newspaper Service:  Interview about the U.S. visit of former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami (9/6/06).

Media Line: “Reformists Sidelined, Iran Vote Will Be Family Feud” (2/29/12). “Iranian Delegates Touts McCain’s Tough Stance” (9/2/08)

National Post (Canada): “Iran’s threat to plunge Middle East into war may be to rally support at home” (2/21/12).

National Public Radio: Interview with “On Point” about Iran-World Powers Nuclear Deal (11/25/13); Interview with “On Point” about U.S.-Iranian Relations (9/25/2013); interview with “As it Happens” Program on the status of social sciences in Iran (9/3/09).

New Hampshire Union Leader: “Iran's Clerics: Keep wary eye on 'enemy' on their doorstep” (9/1/05).

New York Times: "Beirut Bombs Strike at Iran as Assad’s Ally"(11/19/2013);“Drawing a Line on Syria, U.S. Eyes Iran Talks,” (9/3/2013);Iran Hints Nuclear Talks Could Include New Official” (8/20/13),North Korea Events Complicate Nuclear Talks With Iran(4/5/13),Iran’s President Unfazed in Parliamentary Grilling” (3/15/12); Iran Invokes the West to Motivate Voters” (2/29/12); “Aggressive Acts by Iran Signal Pressure on Its Leadership” (2/16/12), “Boycott by Reformers in Iran Could Undermine Parliamentary Elections” (1/3/12), “Obama to Iran: Seeking Talks but Eye on Sanctions” (3/22/10); “Opposition in Iran Meets a Crossroads on Strategy” (2/15/10); "In Iran, From Heroes to State Enemies" (11/4/09); "Iran's Politics Stand in the Way of a Nuclear Deal with the West" (11/3/09); “Iranian president’s Deputy Quits Under Pressure From Supreme Leader,” (7/25/09). “American Foreign Policy toward Iran: From Coup against Mossadeq’s to Shah’s Downfall” (2/10/09); “Iranian Revolution: Between Tradition and Modernity” (2/7/09); “The 28th anniversary of the takeover of the US Embassy by Iranian Students” (12/5/07); interview about Iranian politics (2/19/04).

Radio France International: interview about Iranian politics (9/12/03).

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty: “Did Obama Quietly Reach Out To Iranian President Rohani?” (9/25/13); “Interview about the Iranian Presidential elections” (6/23/05); “Formerly Banned Iranian Group Opens Office Near White House” (4/15/13).

Reuters: “Ahmadinejad flexes muscle by dumping foreign minister” (12/14/10; “Iran’s President Angers Conservatives, Reformists” (7/19/10): “Drive for New Iran Sanctions Seen Long and Hard” (8/8/08); “Iran and Nuclear Consequences” (6/25/08).

SBS radio (Australia): Interview about Iran's political situation (3/12/11); interview about political prospects for the Middle East in 2005 (12/29/04); interview about President Khatami’s second term in office (8/10/01 and 8/15/01).

Spiegel (Germany), “Ahmadinedschad bei Mursi: Die Scheinehe” (2/5/13); “Ein Krieg wird wahrscheinlicher,” (8/30/12)

St. Louis Dispatch: “EU to issue stronger Iran sanctions” (6/17/08).

[Syracuse] Post-Standard: “Terrorist Attack forced class of 2005 to change its world outlook” (5/15/05); interview about the United States’ handover of power to the Iraqi Government (6/29/04); “Experts Share Views on Response” (10/8/01).

Syracuse University Magazine: “Revolution and Reform in Iran” (Winter 2006-07).

Toronto Star: "A Canadian on Iran's Death Row," (2/19/12); "Paramilitary at very core of Iran" (2/17/10); “Iran’s fascinating internal power struggle” (6/8/11); “Enigmatic, intricate, unpredictable: - World - 'Enigmatic, intricate, unpredictFar from a dictatorship united in belligerence, Iran is a bubbling social and political cauldron” (7/13/08).

United Press International: “Iran’s Ahmad Chalabi?” (10/9/06).

USA Today: Iran courts restart of nuke talks, but snubs UN,” (1/19/13).

Voice of America: “Controversy Arises Over Alleged Hamas-Iran Ties” (1/6/09); interview about the upsurge of interest in Middle Eastern Studies on university campuses (2/11/02); interview about the votes of confidence for Iranian Ministers (3/23/01).

Voice of America Radio: “Analysts: No Major Breakthroughs Expected at Baghdad Conference” (3/8/07)

Voice of America Afghanistan Service (TV Ashna): The Non-Aligned Movement Conference in Tehran (8/30/12).

Voice of America Persian TV: Regularly since 2011.

WAER (FM 88.3 radio): Interview about the Israeli pull-out from the Gaza Strip (8/16/05).

Washington Post: In Iran, disputes over foreign policy divide presidential candidates,” (5/20/13); “In election year, Iranian brothers could expand power,” (1/31/13); “Iran's Conflicting Signals to the West” (7/11/08).

Washington Post Radio: Interview on Iranian involvement in Iraq (1/29/07).

WCNY TV: Interview on “Central Issues” program about the Egyptian Revolution (3/18/11); Interview about protests after the Iranian presidential elections (6/26/09); interview on “Hour CNY” program about Iranian Nuclear Policy (8/18/05); interview on “Hour CNY” program about political developments in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Iran (3/4/05); interview on “Hour CNY” program about the death of Yasser Arafat (11/8/04).

WDEL Radio (Delaware): Interview about the Israel-Hamas fighting (12/31/08); interview about the Iranian nuclear issue (4/12/06).

WRVO 90.3 Radio (Oswego, NY): Interview about the Al-Jazeerah television network (3/27/03).

WSYR Radio (AM 570): Interview about the 17th anniversary of the PAN AM 103 incident (12/21/05); interview about the Iraqi constitution (8/17/05).

WUWM's Lake Effect Program: Interview on understanding Iran's Unrest (2/10/2010).

YNN TV. Interview on U.S. planes attacking Libya (3/21/11).

Community Education:
  • Numerous lectures at a wide range of community organizations in Upstate New York and the rest of the country including: Cazenovia League of Women Voters (Cazenovia); Central New York Council for Social Studies; Century Club (Syracuse); Foreign Policy Association (Syracuse); Immaculate Conception Church (Fulton); Iranian Cultural Community (Berkeley, CA); Iranian Cultural Society (Washington, DC); Iranian Student Association (Washington, DC); Manlius-Pebble Hill School (Dewitt), New York Model United Nations (Syracuse); Onondaga County Central Library (Syracuse); Peace Action of Central New York (Syracuse); Persian Student Association at Cornell University (Ithaca); Society of Iranian Professionals (Austin, TX); SU’s Muslim Graduate Students Association (Syracuse); SUNY Cortland; SUNY Oswego; Syracuse Mosque (Syracuse); Syracuse Peace Council; Thursday Morning Roundtable (Syracuse); and United Church of Fayetteville (Fayetteville).
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