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What is the IE Network?

The IE network is an informal grouping of scholars who have been meeting together at conferences scheduled irregularly at our various institutions.

Archive: Previous IE Conferences

1997: Sociology for Women/Sociology for People: The Practice of Institutional Ethnography, University of Toronto, Marie Campbell 

1998: Exploring the Restructuring and Transformation of Institutional Processes: Applications of Institutional Ethnography, York U., Alison Griffith

1999: Second Annual International Institutional Ethnography Conference, Arizona State University - West, Paul Luken and Suzanne Vaughan.

2000: Making Links: New Research in Institutional Ethnography, OISE, Dorothy Smith and Liza McCoy

2001: Mapping Social Relations, Syracuse University, Marjorie DeVault and Lauren Eastwood

2002: Putting Institutional Ethnography into Practice, University of Victoria, Marie Campbell

2003: Sociology for Changing the World: Political Activist Ethnography, Laurentian University, Gary Kinsman

2004: Embodied Workers in the New Economy, Syracuse University, Marjorie DeVault

2004: Celebrating a Legacy: A Teach-In on Institutional Ethnography, OISE, University of Toronto, Roxana Ng

2004: Analyzing 'Relations of Ruling': The New Generation, University of Connecticut, Nancy Naples

2005: Workshop on Activist Research for Human Rights and Institutional Ethnography, University of Connecticut, Nancy Naples






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