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Photo: La Basilica di Superga, Turin (Italy) taken by me in summer 2009.

What I do: I teach political science at the Maxwell School, Syracuse University.  I work in the sub-field of political science called comparative political economy of advanced industrial countries.  I am interested in how political and economic institutions are constructed differently across countries and in their varying effects on politics and ordinary people's lives. My work so far has dealt with Japanese political economy, the Varieties of Capitalim, and comparative political economy of gender. 

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Photos:  They are both taken by my friend, Lawrence Ivy.  Lawrence is a photographer based in New York City.  If you are interested in his work, please click on his name to visit his website.

My first book, Welfare and Capitalism in Postwar Japan (Cambridge University Press, 2008), explains how postwar Japan managed to achieve a highly egalitarian form of capitalism despite meager social spending. This book develops an institutional, rational-choice model to solve this puzzle. It shows how Japan's electoral system generated incentives that led political actors to protect various groups that lost out in market competition. It explains how Japan's postwar welfare state relied upon various alternatives to orthodox social spending programs. The initial postwar success of Japan's political economy has given way to periods of crisis and reform. This book follows this story up to the present day, and makes some bold predictions about the future of Japan: It argues that institutionally Japan now resembles Britain and predicts that Japan's welfare system will also come to resemble Britain's.  Those scholars and students interested in the Varieties of Capitalism will find that this book offers a new way of conceptualizing the varieties of welfare capitalism and their politics.  The book has won the Ohira Masayoshi Memorial Award in 2009. Reviews of my book.

My Other Work on Japanese Politics and Japanese Women   Aside from my book, I have various papers that explore the link between electoral rules and public policy and leadership styles in Japan.  Some of my papers on gender that include Japan are also listed here.  Please click on the header.

Op-eds, etc., on Japanese Politics  This link will take you to some of the interviews that I have done with the US and Japanese media, and also articles that I have written for the general audience.

My Work on the Varieties of Capitalism, Gender and the Varieties of Capitalism and Beyond

I have been working indepednently with the issue of varieties of capitalism since my graduate student days.  My dissertation developed some ideas about how different welfare states went hand in hand with different types of capitalist models.  (My book takes a somwhat more critical approach to the way the VOC literature evolved, and focuses more on the role of electoral institutions in shapring welfare states.)

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I am currently completing a book manuscript, Gender and the Varieties of Capitalism. This new book focuses on the effects of public policy and economic institutions on women. Are some labor markets more successful in integrating women than others? Are some public policies more effective than others in promoting gender equality? Are different types of gender equality always mutually compatible?  The books combines statistical analyses and case studies from  advanced industrial societies.  Rather than simply applying the VOC framework to gender issues, I use the gender angle to highlight some of the problems in the VOC literature.  My work on gender has also evolved beyond the narrow focus on the VOC framework as two of my new projects demonstrate: "The Rise and Fall of the Housewife Project" and "Outsourcing of Domestic Services." (please click for more details).

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My Japanese Language Publications (日本語で書いた出版物はこちらをご覧ください。)