Curriculum Vitae

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Doctoral Dissertations Directed

Amati, Jill Priest, 2011. Meeting of the Minds: Perceptions and Experiences with School-based Mental Health Services. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology.

Weismann, Marsha, 2009 Prelude to Prison: Student Perspectives on School Suspension. Doctor of Philosophy, Social Science.

Farag, George, 2007. Diaspora and Transitional Administration: Shiite Iraqi Diaspora and the Administration of Post-Saddam Hussein Iraq. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology.

Peshkova, Svetlana, 2006. Otincharlar in the Ferghana Valley: Islam, Gender and Power. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology.

Morrissey, Suzanne Elizabeth, 2006. Life Strategies: Motherhood, Urban Poverty, and The WIC Program in Syracuse, New York. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology.

Fosher, Kerry, 2005 I’m Just Thinking Out Loud Here”: Making U.S. Homeland Security at the Local Level. Doctor of Philosophy, Anthropology.

Cuhadar, Cerag Esra, 2004 Evaluating Track Two Diplomacy in Pre-Negotiation: A Comparative Assessment of Track Two Initiatives on Water and Jerusalem in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.  Doctor of Philosophy, International Relations.

Funk-Unrau, 2002 If the Lubicon Lose We all Lose: A Case Study of Interchurch Advocacy and Intervention in an Aboriginal Land Rights Conflict. Doctor of Philosophy, Social Science.

Yoo, Donghee, 2002 Media, Culture and the Transformation of the Protracted Inter-Korean Conflict. Doctor of Philosophy, Social Science.